Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University :-

  • The first most prestigious medical educational institution in the ancient city of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
  • At present, the Academy is ranked 6th out of 46 other medical institutions and has also been accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO) and incorporated into the World Medical School Medical Reference Yearbook released in Great Britain.
  • The academy was part of the faculty of Nizhny University in 1920, then isolated in 1930 and became an independent Medical Institution. Due to the exceptional academic performance, the institute then received the status of “State Academy” in 1994.
  • Successfully produced more than 40,000 qualified doctors and played an important role in the development and research of medical science.
    A total of over 600 qualified teachers in 60 faculties at the Academy, where 75% of them have different Science Waves
  • The academy is staffed with 722 well-qualified specialists among them – 76 professors and 145 associate professors. Faculty of Overseas Admissions is staffed with 166 specialists among them – 32 professors and 56 associate professors. Up-to-date medical equipment is available to the students for their training and research work.
  • Theoretical education is conducted in 8 special buildings, while clinical studies are carried out in well-equipped clinics and hospitals. Instructions are given through lectures and practical classes. Working group consists of 8-10 students. An important part of the training is the observation of patients, which aims at improving clinical thought of the students. 

Academic Program

Academic Year:

  • 1st term – September to January
  • 2nd term – February to June


Programmes offered



Medicine 6 years
Pediatric 6 years
Pharmaceutical 5 years
Medical-Preventive 6 years
Nursing 4 years
Stomatological 5 years




  • Latest medical equipment and modern services
  • Complete private dental hospital
  • The city’s best teaching hospitals and research institutes are selected for clinical classes
  • 5 buildings Theory Faculty
  • Prestigious anatomy museum
  • A library filled with 500,000 reference books
  • Recreational Facilities such as gyms, sports courts, ski facilities, intermediate sanatorium, rural campsites and student clubs with discotheque weekends

Student Facilities

  • Campus hostel provides comfortable rooms equipped with furniture and bed linen.
  • Private apartments are also available to students who want to stay outside campus

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