Goon International College

Goon International College

The longest serving institution in Malaysia. Through the decades that followed, Goon was primarily responsible for forming and bringing in British alliances into the Malaysian Education Industry. Skill based courses like LCCI and many type writing courses were popular among Malaysians throughout the 40s to the 70s. During the 80s many external qualifications were conducted through overseas affiliations. Today, after 77 years of educating Malaysia it still stands proud and tall in the center of Kuala Lumpur whilst retaining its traditional look and promising nothing less than quality education. It is also important to note the organizational structural changes that Goon International College has gone through.

Today, Goon International College boasts its longevity in the Malaysian Education industry and has carefully assembled experts from various industries to provide corporate training in creating a more productive workforce for the nation. To date Goon has been an effective training provide to renowned organizations such as GUTHRIES, BANK RAKYAT, BP MALAYSIA, and BANK INDUSTRY, KOPERASI TENTERA etc


Provide well-equipped facilities, such as:

  • Library
  • Wi-Fl facilities
  • Computer laboratories
  • Student Accommodation
  • Transportation from hostel to Goon
  • Student lounge and activity center
  • Fully air-conditioned lecture rooms and theater hall

Why you should choose Goon?

Goon International College is the pioneer and the 1st private Higher learning Institution in Malaysia since 1936, Over 77 years in the education industry, Goon Institutions has been providing quality education at an affordable price. Our teaching staff are experienced, qualified and dedicated. We have proven track record of producing graduates who are industry leaders. Goon’s programmes are accredited by Malaysia Qualification Agency and recognized by Malaysia Public Service Departments.

Interaction with academis and healthcare professional.
Early integration into medical and health professional.
This programme gives direction towards the selective undergraduate programmes at any local universities or abroad studies.
The foundation programme is awarded by GIC, Malaysia’s 1st Nation college with over 80 years of dedicated focus in Education.
High quality education with an affordable fees.

Programmes Offered

1) Foundation in Sciences and Technology

A preparation programme that assists academic admission into multiple undergraduate disciplines, such as health science, applied science, engineering and social sciences. GIC offers a holistic foundation programme which the students will be equipped with enhanced level of educational literacy and soft skills to ensure a smooth transitional process from secondary school into undergraduate programmes. Upon successful completion, students will gain an entry qualification to both local or abroad degree programmes.

Qualification General Requirement
SPM Pass with minimum 5 credits including Mathematics,English and 2 Science Subjects (Biology/Physics/Chemistry).
UEC Pass with minimum 3Bs including Mathematics,English and 1 Science Subject.
O-Level Pass with minimum 5 credits including Mathematics,English and 1 Science Subject.
Other Qualification Other qualification could be considered on a requirement basis.


2) Diploma in Information Technology

This programme provides you with a balance of technical and creative thinking courses, focusing on the application of information technology as it is used in the real world.It is designed to enable you to effectively deal with information technology components that have become an integral part of today’s increasingly complex business environment. This programme stresses skills development in the technical areas of computer hardware and soft-ware architecture including the design of technological information and computing systems, as solutions to business support needs. Upon graduation, you will be accomplished in the requirements of IT design and development strategies and be well prepared to face the constraints and technological challenges which face most organizations.

There is abundant of opportunity for students to get jobs as :

Technical Software Consultants
IT Administration Assistant
Data Processing Assistant
System Administrator/Support
Junior Software Engineer
3) Diploma in Business Studies

The programme has received full accreditation from Malaysia qualification Agency(MQA) a. has gained recognition from Malaysian Public Service Department “Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam”. Student are exposed to syllabus involving Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing. With a DBS award, students can further into degree level studies locally and overseas. Operating a business is crucial and gaining knowledge in business studies is definitely a wise choice.

Students will be able to choose a variety of jobs in all sectors of the economy such as Sales, Admin, Accounting, Banking, Marketing, Operation and Services. The Diploma in Business Studies is recognised by Malaysia Public Service Department “JPA” and “MQA” therfore graduates are able to get at least one year exemption in related field at all local and overseas universities

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