Bogor Agricultural Institute

Bogor Agricultural Institute

Bogor Agricultural University or also known as Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) was built on 1 September 1963 as the form of visionary thinking from the leader of nation and they who were care about the agricultural university that this great nation had a world-class university with the competence in the field of agriculture, bio science, and various fields related. This was intended for strengthening food security, bio energy, job creation, poverty alleviation, and preserving the environment.

Vision :

“To become a research-based higher education of international standard and a prime mover of agriculture mainstreaming.”

Mission :

  1. To implement an excellent high education and comprehensive student development to produce competitive graduates with Indonesian characteristics.
  2. To conduct research for the development of science and technology which bring benefit to agrarian and maritime communities.
  3. To provide public services that promotes innovations in science and technology with entrepreneurial characteristics while maintaining the great values of the nation and preserving natural resources.
  4. To strengthen an effective, efficient, transparent, and accountable management system of higher education.


Programmes offered




1. Degree program ·         Agriculture

·         Veterinary Medicine

·         Animal Science

·         Fisheries and Marine Science

·         Forestry

·         Agricultural Technology

·         Mathematics and Natural Sciences

·         Economics and Management

·         Human Ecology





4 years

2. Master program ·         Master of Biotechnology

·         Master of Natural Resource Management and the Environment

·         Master of Primatology

·         Master of Anatomy and development

·         Master of Public Health Veterinary

·         Master of Parasitology and Health Entomology

·         Master of Medical Microbiology

·         Master of Biomedical Animal Science

·         Animal Biomedical Science Doctor

·         Master of Reproductive Biology

·         Master of Land Agro technology

·         Master of Land Degradation Mitigation Masters

·         Master of Land and Environmental Biotechnology

1/ 2 years
3. Doctorate program ·         Doctor of Natural Resources and Environmental Management

·         Doctor of Primatology

·         Doctor of Parasitology and Health Entomology

·         Doctor of Reproductive Biology

·         Veterinary’s Public Health Doctor


1/ 2 years


Facility provided

  • Accommodation
  • Sports, arts and Agrotourism
  • Library
  • Event and seminar room
  • Restaurant and cafe
  • Aquatic Research station


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