Sultan Syarif Kasim State Islamic University, Riau

Sultan Syarif Kasim State Islamic University


Sultan Syarif Kasim State Islamic University or also known as Universiti Islam Negeri (UIN Suska Riau) was an Islamic state university that situated in Pekanbaru and established on the 4th January 2005. The university was named after the 12th and the last sultan of the Kesultanan Siak Sri Inderapura.



The establishment of the State Islamic University as a top choice institution of higher education at the world level that develops the teachings of Islam, science, technology and/or art integrally in 2023.



  1. To organize a better education and teaching in order to produce quality human resources academically and professionally and to have personal integrity as a Muslim scholar
  2. Conduct research and research to develop science, technology, and/or art by using Islamic paradigm
  3. Conducting community service by utilizing technology and/or art science using the Islamic paradigm;
  4. Organize an autonomous, accountable, and comprehensive college that guarantees improved quality improvement


Programmes offered




1 Faculty of Shari’ah and Law ·   Ahwal Al-Syakhsiyah

·   Shari’ah economy (Muamalah)

·   Shari’ah Comparison of Mazhab

·   State Administration Law (Siyasah)

·   Islamic economy

·   Shari’ah banking

·   Legal Science










4 years

2. Faculty of Da’awah and Communication ·   Guidance and counseling of Islam

·   Islamic community development

·   Communication

·   Da’awah management

3 Faculty of Ushuluddin ·   Islamic Science and Philosophy

·   Al-Qur’an translation  studies

·   Islamic studies

·   Science of Hadith

4 Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teaching ·   Islamic religious education

·   Arab language studies

·   Islamic education

·   English language studies

·   Mathematic studies

·   IPS-Economics Education

·   Chemistry studies

·   PGMI

·   PGRA

·   Educational Science / Tadris IPA

5 Faculty of psychology ·   Psychology
6. Faculty of Agriculture ·   Agriculture

·   Agro technology

·   Nutrition

7. Science and technology ·   Information technical

·   Industrial Engineering

·   Information System

·   Mathematics

·   Electrical Engineering

8. Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences ·   Management

·   Business management

·   Accountancy  (S1)

·   Accountancy  (D3)

·   State Administration

·   Taxation


Facility provided

  • Student center
  • Islamic center
  • Student’s accommodation (Ma’had Al-Jami’ah)
  • Laboratorium
  • Mosque
  • Lecture room


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