Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)


Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) was built in 18th August 1951 that consists of 30 teachers, 444 students, and 23 programmes that were grouped under two faculties. The faculties that have been formed in Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) are the Faculty of Veterinary Science and Faculty of Agriculture. Bangladesh Agricultural University situated around 120 kilometers in the north of  Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Faculty of Bangladesh Agricultural University has offered a wide range of educational and professional training to prepare students for the veterinary profession by equipping them with knowledge, communication skills and manual dexterity that related to veterinary practice. All veterinary graduates are required to register with the Bangladesh Veterinary Council, a statutory body for the practice of Medicine, Surgery, and Reproduction


Programmes offered



Duration of study

Certificate Certificate in office program 1 / 2 years
Diploma Diploma in Information & Communication Technology 4 years


Bachelor degree program

·         Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine

·         Bachelor in Agricultural Science

·         Bachelor in Animal Husbandry

·         Bachelor in Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology

·         Bachelor in Sc. Agricultural Engineering

·         Bachelor in Sc. Food Engineering



5 years



Master program

·         Master in Veterinary Science

·         Master in Agricultural Science

·         Master in Animal Husbandry

·         Master in Agricultural Economics & Rural Society

·         Master in Agricultural Engineering & Technology



1 / 2 years



PhD. program

·         PhD. in Veterinary Science

·         PhD in Agricultural Science

·         PhD in Animal Husbandry

·         PhD in Agricultural Economics & Rural Society

·         PhD in Agricultural Engineering & Technology



1 / 2 years

Facility provided

  • transportation
  • library
  • students accommodation
  • gymnasium and sports
  • bank



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