IHM College

IHM College was previously known as a In-House Multimedia College and it  was built in the year of 1993. IHM College plan to produce graduates that were occupied with multimedia design skills. Creative designing industry has become one of the most popular career  and people who are able to combine digital technology skills with creative ability to meet design challenges were highly needed in the industry nowadays.

Since 1993, IHM College have created a multidisciplinary program that enable students to be more innovative and creative. Most of the program that been introduced by IHM College were focused on education that able to equip students with the knowledge, practical and analytical skills towards the demand of digital industry and employability. A team of experts and professionals have come together to educate students and able to produce a student with a great quality of academic.

Programmes offered





·        Certificate in Business Information Systems

·        Certificate in English





·        Diploma in Computer Science

·        Diploma in Business Management

·        Diploma in Mass Communication

·        Diploma in Multimedia Design




Professional Courses

·        Web & Multimedia Design

·        Adobe Retouching

·        Desktop Publishing

·        Video Production

·        3D Studio Max


IHM College have been certified by several of legal organisations such as:-

  • Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA)
  • Akta Institusi  Pendidikan Tinggi Swasta (IPTS)
  • Ecole Superieure Genie Informatique (ESGI)



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