Management Science University (MSU)

Management and Science University or also known as MSU is one of Malaysian private university that was first established in the year of 2008.  MSU main campus is located in Shah Alam, Selangor. MSU also offers a lot of programs that include Health and Life Sciences (FHLS), Business Management and Professional Studies, Medical School (IMS), Information Sciences & Engineering (FISE) and many more.



MSU aspires to be a leading transformative global university, engaging the society through entrepreneurship, research, innovation, industry embedment, and holistic education for a better future.




  • To provide compelling transformative learning experiences through educational opportunities and a collaborative learning environment, both centered on pioneering


  • To be a leading globally connected university rooted in culture yet diverse in inclusiveness, providing pathways to knowledge and facilitating knowledge exchange through mobility.


Programs offered:




Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS)


Department of Healthcare Professional

·         Bachelor in Food Service Technology (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Nutrition (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Nursing (Hons)

·         Diploma in Radiotherapy

·         Diploma in Medical Assistant

·         Diploma in Nursing

Diploma & Bachelor

(3 years)






Department of Diagnostic and Allied Health Science

·         Bachelor in Forensic Science (Hons)

·         Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Bioinformatics (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Health Science Management (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Cardiovascular Technology (Hons)

·         Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

·         Diploma Occupational Safety and Health

·         Diploma in Sport Science

·         Foundation (Science Biology/ Health Science)


Bachelor (4 years)

Diploma (3 years)


Department of Optometry & Visual Science

·         Bachelor of Optometry (Hons)

·         Diploma in Ophthalmic Dispensing


Bachelor (4 years)

Diploma (3 years)


·         Faculty of Business Management and Professional Studies


Department of Business Management and Law

·         Bachelor in Industrial Management (Hons)

·         Foundation in Business

·         Bachelor in International Business (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Human Capital Management (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Retail Management (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Marketing with Psychology (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Law and Commerce (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Entrepreneurship (Honours)

·         Bachelor in Islamic Management (Hons)

·         Diploma in Management

·         Diploma in Human Capital Management

·         Diploma in Retail Management

·         Diploma in Logistics Management

·         Diploma in Entrepreneurship

·         Diploma in Office Management Technology

·         Foundation in Law

Bachelor (3 years)

Diploma (2.5 years)


















· Department of Accounting and Finance

·         Bachelor in Accounting

·         Bachelor in Investment Management

·         Bachelor in Finance (Honours)

·         Diploma in Accounting

·         Diploma in Investment Management

·         Diploma in Islamic Finance

·         Diploma in Islamic Banking

Diploma (2.5 years)
International Medical School (IMS) ·         Bachelor in Medicine And Bachelor in Surgery (MBBS)

·         Bachelor of Medical Sciences

·         Diploma in Medical Sciences

5 years
International Medical School (IMS)


·         Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hons)

·         Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceuticals Technology (Hons)

·         Diploma in Pharmacy

·         Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine

4 years
Faculty of Information Sciences & Engineering (FISE) Department of Media and Science Graphic

·         Bachelor in Information and Communication Technology (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Graphic Design (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Games Design and Animation (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Instructional Multimedia (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Visual Communication and Marketing (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Creative Mutimedia (Honours)

·         Bachelor of New Media (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Creative Video and Photography (Honours)

·         Diploma in Multimedia

·         Diploma in Graphic Design

·         Diploma in Games Design and Animation

·         Diploma in Creative Visual

·         Diploma in Interior Design

·         Foundation in Visual Arts


Bachelor (3 years)

Diploma (2.5 years)















Department of Information Sciences and Computing

·         Bachelor in Computer Science (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Business Computing

·         Bachelor in Computer Forensic (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Information Technology (Hons) Mobile Wireless and Technology

·         Bachelor in Product Design (Honours)

·         Diploma in Information Technology

·         Diploma in Business Computing

·         Diploma in Computer Forensic

·         Diploma in Information Technology (Mobile and Wireless Technology)

·         Diploma in Information Management

·         Foundation in Information Technology & Engineering


Bachelor (3 years)

Diploma (2.5 years)


Department of Engineering and Technology

·         Bachelor in Computer Engineering (Hons)

·         Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours)

·         Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management and Piloting (Hons)

·         Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

·         Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

·         Diploma in Computer Engineering

·         Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

·         Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

·         Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration)

·         Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Highrise Building Maintenance)

·         Bachelor of Information System in Auditing (Hons)

·         Foundation in Engineering and Technology


Bachelor (3 years)

Diploma (2.5 years)



School of Education and Social Sciences (SESS) ·         Bachelor of Education (Honours) – (TESL)

·         Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Honours)

·         Bachelor of Counselling and Guidance (Honours)

·         Bachelor in Education (Visual Arts) (Honours)

·         Bachelor in Education (Science) (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Early Childhood Education (Hons) – PJJ

·         Bachelor of Public Relations Management (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Education (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Education (Physical Education and Health) (Honours)

·         Bachelor in Psychology (Honours)

·         Diploma in Education (TESL)

·         Diploma in Early Childhood Education

·         Diploma in Public Relations and Entertainment Management

·         Diploma in Counselling and Guidance

·         Foundation in TESL

·         Bachelor in English Language and Literature Studies (Honours)

·         Diploma in Translation and Interpreting


Bachelor (3 years)

Diploma (3 years)


School of Hospitality and Creative Arts (SHCA)


·         Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Hons)

·         Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

·         Bachelor in Event Management (Honours)

·         Diploma in Event Management

·         Bachelor in Culinary Arts (Honours)

·         Diploma in Culinary Arts

·         Bachelor in Spa Management (Hons)

·         Diploma in SPA Management

·         Diploma in Fashion Design

·         Diploma in Leisure Outdoor and Adventure Management

·         Bachelor in Fashion Design with Marketing (Honours)

·         Bachelor in Outdoor, Leisure and Adventure Management (Hons)

·         Diploma in Hairdressing

·         Diploma in Beauty Management

·         Bachelor in Music Technology (Hons)

·         Diploma in Music Technology

·         Diploma in Patisserie Arts

·         Bachelor in Patisserie Arts (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Beauty and Hair Management (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Accessories Design (Hons)

·         Bachelor in Music (Composition and Arranging) (Honours)

·         Bachelor in Music Performance (Honours)


Bachelor (3 years)

Diploma (2.5 years)


School of Graduate Studies (SGS)


·         Doctor of Philosophy (Management/Business)

·         Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

·         PhD in Accounting / Finance

·         PhD (Information and Communication Technology)

·         PhD in Food Service Technology

·         Doctor of Philosophy (by Research) in Biomedicine

·         Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Science)

·         Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering

·         Master in Accounting/Finance (By Research)

·         Master in Computer Science (By Research)

·         Master in Food Service Technology (by Research)

·         Master in Biomedicine (by Research)

·         Master in Biomedical Sciences

·         Master in Information Technology

·         Master of Clinical Pharmacy

·         Master of Pharmacy

·         Master in Educational Management and Leadership

·         Master of Design

Bachelor (3 years)

Diploma (2.5 years)


Graduate School of Management (GSM) ·      Master in Fashion Business

·      Master in Business Administration

·      Master in International Business

·      Doctor of Philosophy (Health Science)

·      Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

·      Master in International Hospitality and Tourism


Facilities provided

  • Cafeteria
  • Conducive study room
  • Student accommodation
  • Wi-Fi
  • Library

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