Zagazig University

Zagazig University was first started as a branch for Ain Shams University in 1969 to 1970. It also has become one of the Egyptian universities that have contributed side by side with its counterparts in the renaissance of Egypt and raising its position.  The university has made great strides in all areas, keeping up with the modern age. Zagazig University has made a great progress by establishing six more colleges as a branch of Ain Shams University. The colleges that have been establishing during that time are agriculture, trade, veterinary medicine, human medicine, education, and science. In the following year, the university started to establishing more faculties such as Arts, Science, Pharmacy, Engineering and the Graduate Institute of Nursing (affiliated by the Faculty of Medicine) and others.


The Vision of Zagazig University

  • Zagazig University is looking forward to become an accredited and proven university through providing a distinctive level in education, scientific research and sustainable community development.


The Mission of Zagazig University

  • The mission of Zagazig University is to become an Egyptian Public University that provides a distinctive education and academic and developmental leading researches as well as a unique community service and a continuous development of its human resources in the context of innovation, quality, independence and moral values.


Programs Offered:



Medical 6
Pharmacy 5


Facility provided

  • cafeteria
  • mosque
  • library
  • lecture room

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