Hacettepe University

Among Turkish universities with medical schools, Hacettepe University is the 1st in ranking based on the academic performance. Located in Ankara, Turkey, it is a major state university that has two main campuses.

The first campus is in the old town of Ankara and the host of the medical Centre, whereas the second campus is Beytepe Campus located 13km from the city centre. The faculties of Economics and Administration Sciences, Law, education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Letters, and Science all hosts by the Beytepe Campus. In addition to these two main campuses, the School of Social Work at Kecioren and the Turkish State Conservatory in Ankara, located at Besevler Campus these two are affiliated with the University as of 1982.

Looking back at the history of Hacettepe University, it is started with the establishment of the Institute of Child Health, as the origin of Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine. It was founded by Prof Dr. Ihsan Dogramaci as part of the Faculty of Medicine on February 2, 1954. In 1957, the foundation stone of the university was laid with the Child Health Institute and Hospital within Hacettepe, and after a year in 1958, the training, education, research activities and public services officially began.


Mission and Vision

The main mission for the university is to educate and nurture students as individuals equipped with quality and depth of provision in all fields of science, technology, and arts. As a research-oriented university, they are committed to the promotion of excellence in education in line with universal values, it is important to ensure the students has the varieties of skills. The university also aims to empower the student by inspiring intellectual curiosity and critical minds, open for improvement and positive change; and to contribute to society through research, technology, and public services it pursues.

Hence, it leads to the vision of Hacettepe University to become a leading university which the students are proud to be a member of both the national and international arena, leading the change and development.


Programs offered



Duration of study

Degree Bachelor  in Dentistry  


4/5 years

Bachelor in Communication
Bachelor in Engineering
Bachelor in Health Sciences
Bachelor in Law
Bachelor in Pharmacy


Facilities provided

  • Library
  • Cafeteria
  • Lecture room


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