Ege University

Ege University began its teaching and academic activities on March 9, 1956, and considered as a center of science as mentioned by the Minister of National Education of the time in his opening ceremony speech.

Faculties of Medicine and Agriculture which were founded in 1955 are the first and oldest faculties of Ege University and after that, the School of Nursing was established in the same academic year.

The university kept growing in the following year with additional of faculties, the Faculty of Science in 1961, Faculty of Engineering and Dentistry in 1968 with the aims was to contribute to scientific development. Within the same period of time, Academia of Economic and Commercial Sciences was adhered to Ege University under the name of Faculty of Economics and Commercial Sciences as well.

In 1976, the faculties of Fine Arts, Pharmacy and Social Sciences started to their academic activities and years after the Faculty of Food Engineering, Izmir Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Law were estsblished in 1977. Izmir Faculty of Medicine was the second faculty of Medicine in the region. Whereas, the Faculty of Economics and Commercial Science was divided into two separate units in 1977. One is Faculty of Management and the other is Faculty of Economics. Several Schools, Institutes, and Faculties of Textile, Machinery, Chemistry and Earth Sciences were established by the development of some departments in time in Ege University, which had completed its establishment period in almost twenty years.

Ege University has 15 faculties, 9 graduate schools, 15 Vocational Schools, a State Turkish Music Conservatory, 6 Departments and 34 Application and Research Centers and Ege University has 3169 academic and 3827 administrative staff.


Ege University’s mission is to meet the regional, national and universal needs, to cultivate intelligent, equipped, pathbreaking individuals who adopted a scientific way of thinking as their way of perceiving the world, to offer its knowledge for the benefit of society, so that the core principles is followed.


Ege University’s vision is to be an educational and research institution which has advanced organizational bonds with reputable national and international science and technology institutions and to be an equivalent educational institution, having a strong institutional culture and identity, a high degree organizational commitment and member branding, to the high ranked universities in the world.

Programs offered



Duration of study




Bachelor  in Agriculture  



4/5 years

Bachelor in Communication
Bachelor in Dentistry
Bachelor in Economics and Business Administrative Sciences
Bachelor in Education
Bachelor in Engineering
Bachelor of Fisheries
Master Degree Master in Health Sciences 2 years
Master in Natural and Applied Sciences
Doctorate Degree Ph.D in Health Sciences 1/2 years
Ph.D in Natural and Applied Sciences


Facilities provided

  • Modern library
  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Indoor sports salon
  • Spaces of football
  • Basketball, mini-football and tennis courts
  • Exhibition salon



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