Istanbul University

After Mehmed II conquered Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453, he immediately founded the Medrese, which is Islamic Theological School is regarded as the predecessor to the Darulfununwhich evolved into Istanbul Unversity in 1933. Next, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, cartography, geography, history, philosophy, religion, literature, philology, and law becomes available until 19th century they were instrumental in educating the ruling cadres of the Ottoman society.

However, the Medreses unable to meet the needs of the modern world and the result was the establishment of the institutions of higher education called Darulfunun, the core of Istanbul University on 23 july 1846.

On 31 December 1863, the first modern Applied Physics courses were introduced at the Darulfunun and this marked the beginning of a new period. This resulted the school was renamed as the Darulfunun-U Osmani or Ottoman House of Multiple Science and it must follow and fulfill the needs of modern sciences and technologies.

At last, the Republic of Turkey recognized the Istanbul Darulfunun as s state of school on 21 April 1924 and the administrative autonomy of Istanbul Darulfunun was recognized on 7 October 1925. All old system was changed into the modern system and modern faculties.

Istanbul Darulfunun finally becomes Istanbul University on 1 August 1933 following the educational reforms of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and classes officially started on 1 November 1933.


  • To bring together the East and The West; the past and the future; also it is the leading university raising competent individuals who produce beneficial knowledge for our country and humanity.



  • To become one of the leading universities of the world.


Programs offered



Duration of study




Bachelor  in Medicine  



4/5 years

Bachelor in Law
Bachelor in Economics
Bachelor in Veterinary Medicine
Bachelor in Education
Bachelor in Business Administration
Bachelor of Communication
Bachelor of Health and Sciences


Facilities provided

  • Library
  • Lecture room
  • Science Lab
  • Accommodation

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