Vicent Pol, University

History of University

Vincent Pol University (VPU) in Lublin is a private Polish university, which was created only in 2000. It means that the history of the university is not long yet, because VPU began to receive students not so long ago. The purpose of the university was to realize the dreams of youth in achieving a qualified level in the areas of their interest.

University today
Today, Vincent Pol University is a modern building that contains everything necessary for a quality learning process. Besides the fact that the university itself is a new building, there are many modern auditoriums and rooms inside, for example, beauty salon, massage and kinesitherapy, physiotherapy and biomechanics. All rooms have the necessary equipment and materials, making the learning process easier and more interesting. Also, the University has its own recreational rooms and halls. These include gymnastics and fitness rooms, swimming pool and rooms for aerobics.


What does the university offer?

VPU its students at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels. There are training programs in Polish and English. This private university in Poland provides a choice of four faculties: the Faculty of Tourism and Sports, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Sociology and the Faculty of Philology. Also, all students have access to the Internet and modern computer systems, and also have the opportunity to use the University’s large library. The university itself is conveniently located, so that students can easily get to the university by any means of transport.

Interesting Facts
– In 2010 VPU opened the Academic Center of Physiotherapy so that the   citizens of Lublin and its region, as well as the students of the physiotherapy faculty themselves, could use it for their own needs
– VPU provides its students with the opportunity to relax in the center of the “Green School”, which is an educational and recreational center.


Vincent Field University of Social Science in Lublin collaborates with several other private and public hostels. It depends on the number of student in the room and the distance from the hostel to the university.


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